Revamp it and Stamp it

I’d like to buy a vowel please.

I got these metal letter stamps from Harbor Freight for just a couple bucks. I bought them because, once upon a time, I saw a photo similar to the one below and I was smitten.

I don’t even know how to garden, but when I learn I will be ready!

How fun would these be hanging from your Christmas tree? Maybe I will give these a shot first. Because, after all, I do know how to celebrate Christmas.


Then I saw this tutorial to make pieces out of Femo clay – which I would also love to try!

Who knew a $5 purchase could bring so much fun and so many ideas? I would love to get a serving set or old butter knife and punch fun words into them like “delicious” and “tasty” and “yum!” into them.

It looks like I’ll need to be going back to the Swap Shop! I only bought three spoons to practice on!!