Tips on a DIY Whitewashed Brick Wall

I’m no sure if it’s more appropriate to call this project “whitewashing” or “faux painting”, because it certainly involved a bit of each.

In my research, all the “whitewashing brick” tutorials featured porous, red brick – not my flat-slabbed industrial, gray brick we found on the backside of our fireplace.

Tips on a DIY Whitewashed Brick Wall

So I turned to my long-standing sound credo, let’s just wing it.

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The Kitchen Call of Paul Revere

“The cabinets are coming! The cabinets are coming!”

– The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere

Errrr, it went something like that, right?

Shortly after I shared that we were ditching our cabinet refinishing project, we opted to order new cabinet doors instead. They will be here soon and I couldn’t be more excited! Having lived with zero cabinets doors for six months, I can’t wait!

A brief note on open shelving:

Kitchens with open shelving are extremely popular right now. Having lived with 100% open shelving since May, I debated the concept for the first month or so and determined it just wasn’t for me. While it makes putting away dishes very easy, I just couldn’t handle seeing EVERYTHING all the time. Photos of kitchens with open shelving look very cute, but usually the shelves are staged to look nice. They don’t show the reality of the amount of dishes that we have (granted, we’re entertainers at heart, so we have quite a bit). And, I never had any problem with dust or residue.

We will be installing white Shaker doors with stainless steel knobs. The two doors flanking the sink will have a glass inset panel.

Similar to this:


WOOOO HOOOO!!! The end is in sight!

We’re also about to order our countertop and sink. We’re going with a white/gray/blue granite with flecks of black.

This is our color palette:

For the sink we are going with a large rectangular stainless steel undermount.

We purchased our faucet a few weeks ago off the (*drumroll*) Lowe’s clearance rack!! I believe we got about 75% off the original price!

The sink and faucet will look similar to this:


I’ve started looking at backsplash options, but I don’t want to get too ahead of myself (per usual).

We’ve also started looking at kitchen islands. We’re looking for a butcherblock top and something I can slide 2 stools under. When we get it we will also stain the top of our existing sideboard to they match.

I’d love to find something like this one:


We have found one option that might work, but I’m not sold. We’re obviously looking to find something for as cost-effective as possible.

We still need to find light fixtures too, but I am hoping everything will be wrapped up by Christmas!

The cabinets are coming! The cabinets are coming! The cabinets are…


Have you lived through a kitchen reno? Did it make you crazy too?



Today was a momentous non-momentous occasion.

Today I got a haircut.

This is momentous not because I had to say goodbye to a few inches of blonde/brown locks, but because I had to find a new hairdresser.

This was one of my first steps towards settling into our new town.

We only moved about an hour and a half from our old place, but our old place was home.

After seven years (including four years of college stomping grounds) we knew where to get the best sausage-pepper pizza, where to get cheap breakfast, where to get “fancy-company-worthy” breakfast, where to take your car when the check engine light came on and where to get ice cream in the middle of the night.

We knew which Starbucks was less crowded and which one was open until 10pm instead of 9pm. Detours were never a problem because we knew all the back roads. If there was a pothole, we knew where to swerve.

Not anymore.

Today I tried to drive to Famous Footwear. Instead a detour took me through three other towns until 30 minutes later I could figure out how to get home. I supposed that is the price you pay for a new adventure.

It’s always hard to find a new [fill-in-the-blank]. I had a primary care doctor I liked. I knew which eye doctor’s office to avoid. I knew where to park at the train station for the quickest departure when I needed to pick up my husband.

I think this is the hardest part of moving. It’s one thing to put everything you own in a box and unpack it somewhere else. It’s another to live in a half-finished house for months at a time.

It’s the starting over that really gets you.

I loved my last hairdresser. I’d seen her get married, lose all her hair from cancer treatments and adopt a new puppy. But today I got my hair cut by somebody new.

It’s silly and it’s small. But it’s a step.

The Perfect Nook

I had a window seat in my room growing up. When I couldn’t sleep I would take my blankets and cuddle up on my window seat and look at the sky until I could fall asleep. Ever since I’ve had a special penchant for snuggly little nooks.

I’d love to spend the evening in one of these little corners:

Under $20: for the hallway

One of my favorite parts of the home is the hallway. I love seeing the scarves hanging on hooks and rainboots lined up on the floor. I think hallways most represent our lives. They are full of the things we need as we walk out the door, and where we put them as soon as we return. They are the first thing we see when we get home.

This is my hallway:

1. Pocket Change dish – I love this adorable dish from Fishs Eddy. I love the swampy green color and the shallowness of this dish. It would be a great catch-all for loose change, safety pins, barrettes.,3411.html

2. Lost your keys? Can’t miss them hangin’ on this baby!

3. I LOVE the colors of this Nordic Stripe Runner from Crate and Barrel. In fact, I’m very tempted to order it for myself right now!! The pocket change dish would pick up this green nicely.

4. These Lacquer Wood Trays from West Elm are stunning. They would be perfect for any room in the house. Use it to toss a pair of sunglasses in or stash your iPod when you walk through the door.

5. Mirror, Mirror on the wall. What a beauty from CB2! I love the round, thick edges of this one. It reminds me of a porthole on a boat. And since I love all things nautical, it makes me smile.
Hallway photo from here: