Chocolate Cinnamon Ice Cream

This adventure in ice cream came about as a lack of pantry goods. Since we were going away for the weekend, I wanted to use up our dairy items before they went bad. (Naturally, MAKE MORE ICE CREAM!)


I’ve yet to make a simple chocolate ice cream, but upon getting out the cocoa powder I realized I didn’t have enough. Instead I decided to add a heaping spoonful of cinnamon. The result was a deliciously light-flavored chocolate ice cream – the effect was a Wendy’s frosty with a twist.

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North Shore Autumn Classics (You’re Welcome)


Crowds mingling around a crackling bonfire. Temporarily dyed hair. Spirit week. Parades. The season of Homecoming is the inauguration of fall. When the yellow school buses make their reappearance, pumpkin flavored everything debuts on menus, and candy corn teases you from the grocery store end-caps, autumn’s arrival is just a tease. It’s homecoming that lights the  torch for this fall-loving girl.

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Cinnamon Peach Ice Cream

I posted my Summer Bucket list earlier this summer.  I’m going to extend that to an Indian Summer Bucket List because I’ve just managed to cross off my first one today!

My first bucket list item was to invent my own ice cream flavor. With all the peaches in high-season I knew I wanted to do something with them. The end result was… Cinnamon Peach ice cream!!


1 cup sugar
1.5 cups whole milk
3 cups light cream
1 tsp vanilla
2 peaches
2 T orange juice
1T cinnamon

First of all, I used a Cuisinart Ice Cream maker to make my ice cream. The bowl was put in the freezer 24 hours beforehand.

I peeled, cored and chopped up two peaches. I put them in a bowl with a spoonful of sugar and a little bit of OJ. I let it sit for a while (at least 45 minutes) before I started making the ice cream.

Then I mixed together the sugar and milk and folded in the heavy cream, cinnamon and vanilla.

Then I got the frozen bowl out of the freezer and poured in the milk/cream mixture and started the machine. I let it churn for 20 minutes and I poured in half the diced peaches and all of the liquid in the bowl.

I let it churn for another 10 minutes and poured in the rest of the peaches. I turned off the machine immediately and stuck the bowl in the freezer until firm.


It was perfectly delicious!!

Next time I might put the peaches through the food processor a bit to make the pieces a little bit smaller, but it was still summery, citrusy and satisfying.

What’s your favorite flavor ice cream? This might be my new favorite.

Test Kitchen: One Ingredient Ice Cream

I’ve read about “One Ingredient Ice Cream” on a few cooking blogs.

What is that you ask?

It’s basically frozen bananas smushed beyond recognition to form an ice creamy texture.

It sounded easy, inexpensive and healthy. Why not try it?

I peeked some bananas and put them in a tupperware.

…Where does the name tupperware come from?…

I mushed them with a fork before they frozen so they would smash more easily when they were frozen.

Yes, mush and smash are proper cooking terms.

I froze the bananas overnight.

Then I pulled out the frozen “banana slab” and chopped it up with a sharp knife.

Then I used my trusty Kitchen Aid.

Note: I would wait a few minutes and let the banana thaw. Otherwise your blender will make sounds like a toaster thrown inside a washing machine. That may or may not have happened.

At first I was skeptical.

But then the texture started looking more like ice cream.

Looks promising, right?

I decided to test it out on my husband. After all, he heard the “toaster in the washing machine” noise and was wondering what I was up to.

It does look like ice cream.

However… it was quite the letdown.

This was my reaction:

My husband was a little bit nicer.

He said the strawberry I made tasted very nice.

We ate about 3 bites and promptly threw it away.

You win some, you lose some!

Summer 2011 Bucket List

I must be in some sort of weird time warp because my calendar says June on it today. JUNE!

June means cheering on the bus because it’s the end of school. June means popsicles and lawn chairs. June means it’s summer.

I think I left my brain somewhere in the middle of April. Somehow I wore my wellies and stomped my way through the April rain. Then I pulled out my sandals and smelled the blooming buds through the end of May without even knowing it.

Anyways, today is June 1. Six months ago was January 1 (I haz good math skillz), also known as New Year’s Day.

I made three resolutions for this year.

1. Have friends over for dinner parties more often.
2. Try one new recipe a week.
3. Get my bloggin’ booty to the gym. (Doesn’t everyone in the world make this resolution every year?)

I’ve got to say I’m doing a pretty good job at keeping my resolutions (for once). WOO HOO!! Celebration for Kat!

I’m feeling brave enough to add to that resolution list five things I’d like to accomplish this summer for pure F-U-N. Life can get so busy I want to make sure I have a rockin’ summer of 2011.

My Goals for the Summer of 2011:


1. Invent a new ice cream flavor.

Moose and I got hooked on our new ice cream maker (hoorah wedding gift!) last fall and I can’t wait to bring it out again now that the days are getting warmer. What will it be… Nutella with chopped walnuts? Champagne raspberry? Who knows. Maybe it will be something wild and sickeningly delicious like Sour Patch Kid Sorbet. I have 3 months to ponder all the wondrous possibilities.



2. Kick it Sandlot style.

Since the whole throwing/hitting/catching thing isn’t exactly my cup of tea, I want to hit (*pun intended) up the batting cages. I just need to find Benny “the Jet” Rodriguez and we’ll make some s’mores in an awesome treehouse after hitting rounds of home runs. We can leave Hercules out of the equation. Note to self: Find Wendy Peffercorn sunglasses.



3. Camping.

I think my husband had to clean his ears out when I told him I wanted to go camping. I’m not talking this fancy Chevy Chase American Lampoon-style camping. I’m talking sleeping on pinecones camping. I want to make baked beans and roast hot dogs over a campfire. I want to make baked potatoes wrapped in aluminum foil and eat it with a biodegradable spork. I want to tromp through streams and run away from skunks and spot deer (hopefully not bears) from a distance.



4. Antiquing. Specifically at the Brimfield Antique Fair.

This fair has been on my summer to-do list for the last three summers. I miss it every year. One year it was pouring rain. Another I had a wedding. So on. It’s shameful. I first read about the fair in Good Housekeeping and couldn’t believe it was so close to my house! It’s the type of antique fair and people drive from states far away to attend. Seeing that it’s only about an hour away, I thought I could swing it. It sounds pretty amazing – a mile long, 6000 vendors and over 130,000 buyers like me.



5. Master the grill.

One of the things I have missed most about living in my childhood home (besides not having to do laundry, pay bills and the ever-loving presence of the good old Alpo and Hottie Dottie of course) is grilled food. Since we just got a grill all my barbequing dreams can come true! I want to know how to grill a steak, make shishkabobs and cedar plank salmon. I want to know how to turn on the grill without feeling like I might make our house explode. Watch out Bobby Flay, here I come.


I am now just realizing most of my resolutions involve edible items. Soooo…. bonus points for every time I go kayaking, send a postcard old-school-snail-mail style or slap on the good ole SPF 45 (which, frankly, should be often).

I hereby give myself until Labor Day weekend to get all these things done in the name of living a summer life worthwhile.

Don’t leave me hanging here. What are your summer to-do resolutions? Parasailing? Catching turtle? Eating pie?