Top 9: Spring in my Step

Ahh, the Vernal Equinox. Normally when I think about the first day of spring my mind conjures up pictures of trees swaying in the light breeze underneath a blue sky, green buds shooting up through fresh grass or bluebirds chirping outside an open window.

Today was nothing like that.

Today was the opposite of a cheery, colorful, springy day. It was a gray, snowy, sleety slushy kind of a day.

Having lived in the northeast for my entire life one would think I’d learned by now. The irony is our snow finally finished melting this weekend in the nice, warm weather. (Argh! The snow won’t stay away!)

To lift my spirits , today I’m going on an imaginary Etsy shopping spree for my favorite nine things that remind that that someday spring will come!

1. This Posy Necklace from Tamar I feel better already! I think this adorable, colorful posy necklace. Plus, it would look great with any color top!

2. This Handmade Yellow Bird Stationary from PinkBathub is so sweet with the stamped bird and cheerful yellow envelope paired with it! The card is a gift in itself.

3. This adorable crocheted bunny hat from MamaMegsYarnShop is so cute! If I could get away with wearing this as a grown woman, believe me, I would.

4. These candleholders from PeppersPlaceDesign would be so lovely set on a table for a springy Sunday bunch with short pastel candles.

5. These lovely pink blossom earring studs by Amaniworks would be fun bits of color to add to any outfit.

6. This April Showers ring by Eelizabeth. I confess. I’m biased. I already own this set of ring and necklace and it makes me happy every time I wear it! (This is a good story. I was shopping in an antique barn in Newport, RI where I found them. When I went to purchase them the cashier had already shut down her register and just gave them to me for free!)

7. This garland by WestCoastKnittery brings a grin to my face! I’ve never seen a pom I didn’t like!

8. These striped bags from Ikabags are right up my alley! I love big purses! I can’t get away from them.

9. This tulip wreath from Twoinspireyou is just lovely! Maybe when I own a fancy wreath like this I will finally feel like an adult. On second thought, probably not. Nonetheless, I’d like to own this one!

Cheer Up! and an Oz Tangent

I am not a morning person. But I MAY become one if I had this adorable carafe from NYC boutique Fishs Eddy:

I am also loving these vintage illustration Wizard of Oz cups. My mom would love them.

That reminds me. Did anyone else read the old Oz books? I was mesmerized by them as a child. The illustrations are fantastic. They don’t make books like this anymore.

I remember my FAVORITE was the Patchwork Girl. Looking back now, I’m not sure why. I’m surprised she didn’t scare me (she’s a little creepy looking, isn’t she?)

I LOVE books. I love to read them and I love beautiful bindings. I suppose it made perfect sense that I studied writing and design in school.

Does anyone else love going into used bookstores and looking for hours? My husband is quite patient with me. I could hide in a corner and peruse through books like this every weekend.

Images from:,61.html

Under $20: for the hallway

One of my favorite parts of the home is the hallway. I love seeing the scarves hanging on hooks and rainboots lined up on the floor. I think hallways most represent our lives. They are full of the things we need as we walk out the door, and where we put them as soon as we return. They are the first thing we see when we get home.

This is my hallway:

1. Pocket Change dish – I love this adorable dish from Fishs Eddy. I love the swampy green color and the shallowness of this dish. It would be a great catch-all for loose change, safety pins, barrettes.,3411.html

2. Lost your keys? Can’t miss them hangin’ on this baby!

3. I LOVE the colors of this Nordic Stripe Runner from Crate and Barrel. In fact, I’m very tempted to order it for myself right now!! The pocket change dish would pick up this green nicely.

4. These Lacquer Wood Trays from West Elm are stunning. They would be perfect for any room in the house. Use it to toss a pair of sunglasses in or stash your iPod when you walk through the door.

5. Mirror, Mirror on the wall. What a beauty from CB2! I love the round, thick edges of this one. It reminds me of a porthole on a boat. And since I love all things nautical, it makes me smile.
Hallway photo from here:

Snow, Snow, Snow, SNOWWW!

I can’t help but sing this song whenever it snows. And today snowed ALL DAY. We’re hovering around 24″ of snow and it’s still coming. I haven’t even stepped out the front door! Today we hunkered down and worked from home, and there are a few things I love about a blizzardy day.

1. The windows. My windows are covered in snow and ice. I can’t even see out of the windows in my living room. It makes me feel nice and cozy.

2. A snuggly blanket. I recently received this one as a Christmas gift. Toss it around your shoulders;  put it on your lap; share it with a friend.

3. A tasty cup of hot chocolate! I love all kinds of hot cocoa – whether it’s milk and Nesquick made in a saucepan (just like Mom’s!) or the fancy stuff. Some marshmallows or a candy cane don’t hurt either.

4. A pair of warm slippers – with rubber soles.  I have this lovely pair of  Persimmon colored shearling-lined moccasins from L.L. Bean. They are toasty warm and the rubber bottoms lets me wear them around the house, and sometimes out! (I have discovered myself in the grocery store wearing these before.) Also, thanks to L.L. Bean’s lifetime guarantee, whenever they start to wear, I can get a brand new pair!