Gift Wrap for Dad’s Day

Disclaimer: Sorry Dad! This is actually an old idea. These aren’t presents for you. : (


Does anyone else feel like Father’s Day is a really hard gift-choosing day? All the “store recommended” options are so lame. Dad probably doesn’t need another tie, personalized golf tees or tool set.

But this post is not about what is inside the box. Today I’m going to show you how I would gift wrap it. (Sorry, I have no in-process pictures, as this is an older project I’m bringing back to life!)

I bought this cute window-style wrapping paper at Target and thought it looked just like a dress shirt pattern.

I cute out triangles from plain old printer paper (no fancy schmancy stuff here folks) and taped them on at an angle and slightly overlapping to look like a shirt collar.

I cut the tie out of some scrapbook paper. You could also use construction paper, another kind of wrapping paper or draw your own tie on plain paper. I folded the sides a bit so the knot of the tie was slightly raised.

I also created a card shirt pocket.

To do this I laid my card on top of a new piece of wrapping paper. I cut a rectangle wide enough to fit the card underneath¬† and angled the bottom to get it to look like a pocket. I just taped it right on top. Easy peasy. If you’re really ambitious you could draw on stitching.

And if you really feel like getting fancy you could try a bow tie package.

To make the bow tie I cut out a rectangle with rounded corners.

Then I cut a longer thinner rectangle for the knot and taped it around, curling the edges of the bow tie up in the middle.

Then I cut out a few circles and drew on buttons holes.


(For size reference I believe the bow tie package was a DVD.)

Happy Almost Father’s Day!


Tied to Hidden Patterns

I love walking around the world and finding secret, overlooked pieces of art. That is exactly what happened when I was looking at my husband’s ties yesterday.

They look kind of boring just hanging there all together, but when you look at them one at a time you will discover the most amazing patterns! They come in all shapes and colors!

Now this one is my favorite! I actually helped find this one!

(Vineyard Vines. At Marshall’s. On clearance. Boo Yah.)

I love the little pointer dogs  in the rough grass and the shadows of the birds flying up above.

But my very favorite are the bow ties. : )

It almost makes me want to put one on. Although I hear they aren’t that comfortable to wear all day. But then again, my source doesn’t have to wear high heels, so I guess he’s unreliable. ; )