Weekend Trip: Denver

Honey, I’m home! My trip to Colorado was a whirlwind and a blast! I met Moose out westward and we met up with some good friends for the weekend. They moved to Denver last fall, so we enjoyed being able to check out the area with them.

This was a retreat center right next to their home. How adorable is this?? It makes me want to go inside and have tea and crumpets with Bilbo Baggins or Hagrid.

My Denver trip highlights are:

1. Pink Berry – One word: WHAT!?!? I realize that Pink Berry is a national chain but we don’t have any in Boston (or at least we didn’t! I just checked and there are now three locations that are “swirling soon!” Yes!!). Anywho, Pink Berry is… Amazing. Delicious. Yumm-O. I never thought I’d get so pumped about a yogurt and fruit bar, but I am! My friend Jill and I were in line on a Thursday at 3:00PM and we waited in line for 25 minutes. That’s how good it is.

2. World Market – I realize World Market is also a chain, but there aren’t any of them in New England! Boo! I’ve seen World Market goods on several other blogs, but I was finally able to go in one and I L-O-V-E-D it! I foresee some online shopping in my future. They have some really adorable and affordable items for the home – like ceramic drawer pulls, lampshades and throw rugs. They also have some awesome furniture pieces! While I wasn’t able to bring many things home with me in my suitcase, I did pick up some swanky earrings.

3. Mici’s in Cherry Creek – Looking for tasty pizza in Denver? Go to Mici’s! I would highly recommend the Vella Specialty Pizza – sausage, mozzerella, olive oil sauce with pieces of ricotta cheese.

4. Katherine’s in Bonnie Brae neighborhood- This was the most adorable French bakery and cafe. They had a delicious looking array of quiche and pastries. I got the apple and brie omelette and it was delicious!! (What does it say about me if 3/4 of my Denver highlights are food related?)

If you’ve never been to Denver, you should also check out Garden of the Gods, Pike’s Peak and Red Rocks amphitheater. I’ve visited them on a past trip to Denver and they are worth the time.

We also able to make an evening trip down to Colorado Springs to visit some family (and wave hello to Dr. Quinn). They look us to see the “Grand Dame of the Rockies”, the Broadmoor hotel.

The resort dates back to 1891, and is a destination point for many celebrities. The hallways are filled with picture frames of famous people who have stayed at the resort…. John Wayne, President Obama, Peggy Flemming… on and on!

I would definitely recommend checking out the Broadmoor. They have some fabulous restaurants (they are famous for their Sunday Brunch), golf courses worthy of the US Open and some amazing outdoor fireplace lounges.

Unfortunately I came home with a skiing sunburn beard. It’s quite embarrassing really. But more on that tomorrow. This post is to be continued!